Corporate governance

We are a business group made up of 7 companies.

The ZFB group seeks to contribute to the generation of value of our customers, collaborators, shareholders and other interest groups, building mutually beneficial relationships, living our corporate principles and contributing sustainably to the business development of the country and the region.

Both Zona Franca Bogotá S.A. as Desarrolladora de Zonas Francas S.A. It has a Corporate Governance Code

Good Governance Code Bogotá Free Zone
Good Governance Code Free Zone Developer

Good Governance Code Free Zone Developer

Anti-Corruption Policy

The ZFB Group committed to the development of ethical and responsible business, establishes as a strategic guideline the policy of zero tolerance for corruption in any of its forms (example: bribery, smuggling, laundering of assets, among others), also establishes its relationship with its stakeholders in conditions of mutual respect, permanent dialogue and ethical behaviors that allow the construction of sustainable relationships over time. For this reason, the policy establishes the following aspects for compliance:
  1. Periodic evaluation of the risks of corruption and unethical practices, which can be identified in the different activities, processes and procedures developed by the ZFB Group or its representatives in the development of their strategic objectives.
  2. Implementation and monitoring of the Code of Good Corporate Governance of the Free Zone of Bogotá and Developer of Free Zones.
  3. Construction, execution and monitoring of the Anti-Corruption, Ethics and Relationship with Interest Groups (PAER) Program to mitigate the identified risks.
  4. Creation of the Ethics Committee of the ZFB Group, as the body for the promotion, and implementation of the policy.
  5. Creation and dissemination of a new communication channel so that all stakeholders can report violations of our policy, as well as incorrect practices or omissions that put the ZFB Group at risk .
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